St Thomas' Lupus Trust
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in aid of St Thomas' Lupus Trust
Lupus is a chronic debilitating disorder of the immune system and is one of the major medical conditions of the modern age. It is a condition, which causes inflammation of virtually any system or organ of the body, and can be life threatening. Symptoms range through the whole medical textbook from fatigue, depression and allergies to convulsions, pleurisy, heart and kidney failure - there is no cure.

LUPUS - the facts

Lupus can affect any system or organ in the body
Symptoms can range from fatigue, rash, joint pain, allergies, heart & kidney failure
Affects 1 in 750 women
Due to their increased awareness, in the USA it could be as high as 1 in 200
Mainly affects women although men and even children are affected
More prevalent than leukaemia, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis
It is estimated that 20% of recurrent miscarriages have a direct link with lupus

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What is St Thomas' Lupus Trust

The St Thomas' Lupus Trust is the charity, which raises funds to support the vital and pioneering work of the Lupus Research Team here at St Thomas' Hospital in London. Led by Dr Graham Hughes this research is world re-nowned and has already made major contributions to the advances in the treatment and management of this devastating illness.

Supported by our charitable funds, we have also seen the opening at St Thomas', of the first dedicated lupus outpatient facility outside of the USA (The Louise Coote Lupus Unit). NHS patients are referred here from all over the country and we now have the largest number of lupus patients on register in the world. Patients are relieved to have this haven - a specialist lupus clinic with lupus doctors who understand this complex illness. Clearly our research unit is uniquely placed to continue this vital work and we are dedicated to continue until one day a cure is found.

One of the major aims of the charity is not only to support this research but also to raise awareness. Lupus was, until recently, considered an untreatable, usually fatal disease. Research is totally changing this concept. Yes, lupus still remains one of nature's grim diseases - but the outlook for most sufferers, given correct treatment, has improved beyond recognition.

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