St Thomas' Lupus Trust
Personal Statement

In September 2002, following intensive physical training, I am going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – no easy challenge! Starting off on the lower dense forested slopes, I will spend the following eight days, allowing for acclimatisation, making my way to the glacier-covered summit at 19,340ft. When I make it to the top – not only will it be a personal achievement, - but also I will be making a positive contribution to many people’s lives.

Every foot of the mountain I climb, every blister I get, every shallow breath I breath, and every degree below zero that I endure at night, will be worth all of the pain and effort because I will be putting myself through it all in aid of The St Thomas’ Lupus Trust. In the last decade this small charity, which funds the lupus research, has contributed to many of the advances in the treatment and management of the illness. Lupus is a chronic debilitating disorder of the immune system. It is a condition that causes inflammation of virtually any system or organ of the body and can be life threatening. Nine out of ten sufferers are women, and most in the prime of their lives. I have a close friend with Lupus, and the research that St Thomas’ Hospital does needs as much funding as possible.

Continuing with the advances made by these research doctors, supporters of the charity plan to raise funds even further with ‘Climb Kilimanjaro’. Despite my physical and mental training and preparation, the biggest challenge so far will be finding the financial support to make this event a success for the charity. This is where I hope you can come in, and I ask that you please consider sponsoring me to endure this event.

In return for your support, and along with the sincere thanks of the charity, please know that you would be making a positive contribution to all of their hard work, and making a difference to peoples’ lives.

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